The Wine Clip 2 Wine Enhancement Tool
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The Wine Clip 2 Wine Enhancement Tool

If you had a budget of $29.95, would you spend it on a single bottle of wine or upon a device that has the potential to optimize every bottle of wine you drink? Surely the answer to this question depends on your mood at the time, how desperately you want that thirty-buck wine, and how able you are to defer gratification—just a little. I suggest you plunk down for the device, the Wine Clip 2, and appreciate its elegant lines as it graces the necks of your wine bottles. You get a wine that is rounder, fuller, less astringent, more fragrant, more flavorful.

Taste is the criterion, and yet there is science behind the magic: rare-earth elements in the Wine Clip 2 generate a magnetic field that affects the molecular configuration of the wine, taming the large polymerized tannins that bring undesirable astringency. Because oxygen is particularly sensitive to magnetism, the clip also acts to draw it into the wine, accelerating aeration without the need for a decanter or a wine aeration device (both of which need to be—ugh!—cleaned). There is no wait—just clip, pour, and enjoy. The clip works particularly well with red wines, especially young reds, that may tend to be a little unruly in their youth.

I put the clip through its paces. I accessed two Italian reds: a Sardinian Cannonau and a Sicilian Nero d’Avola. In each case, I poured a glass straight without using the Clip, and then poured a second glass using the Clip, both from newly-opened bottles. The unclipped Cannonau was a little rough around the edges, with ill-mannered acidity. The Clip brought the acidity into line somewhat, and coaxed out a nice ripe floral quality in the nose, with a fuller experience in the mouth. The Nero d’Avola enjoyed an even more pronounced benefit from the clip, adding roundness, the effect of aging, without the expense.

I am temperamentally able to wait half an hour or more for a wine to aerate, but that does not mean I want to, especially if I am drinking alone, and there is no one with me to impress. For that matter, if I am enjoying wine with a companion, she typically does not want to wait. The Wine Clip 2 is the perfect solution to this conundrum, and it comes in an easy-to wrap box for gift giving. When an invention works, you need to spread the word. Buy it and try it!

Verdict: A simple mess-free device that improves your wine

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food writer Elliot Essman James Beard Foundation Journalism Award

The wine clip wine enhancer

The wine clip snuggles up to your wine bottle.

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