A New Way to Get Wine on Your Shirt
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A New Way to Get Wine on Your Shirt

One of the great hazards of attending wine shows and tastings involves the necessity to spit, and sometimes the wine gets on my shirt. Fortunately, I favor Brooks Brothers “Miracle Non-Iron Dress Shirts” and enjoy one of their fine unadvertised features: wine stains seem to go the way of the wrinkles when I throw the shirts in the wash. (Brooks is not paying me to write this, by the way, and I have no way to gauge how the shirts handle other stains, say ketchup; food snobs like me do not keep substances like that in the house).

I recently met Lynne Bernstein at a wine show during which I did not stain anything but learned that there is more than one way to put wine onto a shirt. Lynne's company, www.glasshalfull.com (note the solitary “f” in the rather optimistic site name), produces tee-shirts showing a rather clever array of wine sayings. The all-cotton American Apparel shirts retail for about $25 and are sold online and at wineries and festivals around the country. The slogans are emblazoned across the back of the shirt with a nice wineglass logo on the front. Some stimulating examples:

  • “Vintage Crush”
  • “Let It Breathe”
  • “Take Me and a Cab Home”
  • “Big, Bold and Fruity”
  • “Best Drunk Young”
  • “See Smell Sip Savor Santé”
  • “Ahhh, the Terroir”
  • “He who dies with the best tannins wins”

This last is my personal favorite, although I would also like to see a shirt with the slogan “A day without wine…not if I can help it.”

The excellent and amusing website gives no indication as to whether these shirts are wine stain resistant. I presume not, and can guess that many a wine fancier would rather wear those extra precious drops of Châteauneuf-du-Pape as a matter of permanent pride. Of course those who do not attend formal tastings and wine shows have a largely reliable way to avoid shirt stains: swallow the stuff.

Verdict: Wear it with pride

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Another way to get wine on your shirt

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