Estancia Pinot Noir 2005 Tasting Notes
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Estancia Pinot Noir 2005 Tasting Notes

The Estancia 2004 Pinot Noir looked to me like—well—a Pinot Noir; it's purple with a ruby core and presents a delightful clarity that commands the eye to savor it, to dapple light through it and play with it a bit before nosing. This is 100% Monterrey County Pinot Noir, dry, low acid, with gentle tannins, cherry and strawberry, some darker fruit but none I want to stick my neck out by naming. I could taste a little dirt, though I wanted a little more. I could taste some wood (of the tongue-depressor and popsicle stick variety) and wanted to taste a bit less, though as I gave the wine a chance I started to call the wood spice, maybe vanilla, maybe nutmeg.

The fruit here is really nicely conveyed: the red fruit is patiently ripe, without dried or candied fruit notes that would tend to fight with the wine.

For my Dionysian purposes this Pinot Noir performs well; I call it “drinkable,” in the sense that I would readily reach for it at one of those pot lucks where the wine is so uncertain; I might even corner the bottle, hover over it in a protective sense. This is a convivial wine, the kind that can make people feel good about each other, rather than the type I would recommend for those needing a good dose of introspection using the wine as medium (and perhaps mediator.) At $17 to $19 a bottle, further possibilities may present themselves.

Verdict: Convivial
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