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Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Reviewed by Elliot Essman

My three sisters and my mother are all gluten-intolerant; they are always looking for resources to support their dietary needs. Numberless sites on the web deal with gluten intolerance issues, but largely from a “better safe than sorry” perspective. Not so, a site dedicated to getting the greatest epicurean mileage from gluten-free cooking. The brainchild of Denver-based (and gluten- intolerant) food publicist Suzanne Bowland, the site aims to concentrate on fine gluten-free cuisine. Bowland has enlisted the aid of a number of prominent chefs and culinary educators in an effort to raise the bar for gluten-free cooking. She's even planning a Gluten-Free Culinary Summit to be held this summer in Colorado.

The site, which keeps adding sections, has baking tips, resources for gluten-free food products, and even some good erudite material on history and science as they relate to issues of gluten intolerance. With an upcoming calendar of gluten-free events and classes, I expect this site to act as major resource for anyone who wants to cook gluten-free cuisine.

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