Food strategies for seniors in home care.

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Sugar in individual fruits.

Fruits, on the other hand, especially when fresh and in season, have many health benefits: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. The key is to watch how much sugar they add.

Warning: ALL dried fruits have too much sugar in them to qualify on any sugar-restricted diet.

Of all commonly consumed fruits, grapes have the highest level of sugar, and they are also easy to overeat. Bananas, mangos, and sweet (as opposed to sour) cherries are also high on the list.

Apples come next on the list, although their sweetness level varies from variety to variety. The popular Fuji variety is extremely sweet, the Gala variety slightly less sweet, Red and Golden Delicious a little lower, but the safe thing to do is to consider all apples “sweet” and keep their consumption down to at most a small apple a day for sugar-restricted diets. Pears vary as well, but tend to fall in the sweet camp.

In the medium sweet category are raspberries (easy to eat a lot of), apricots, oranges, watermelon (also easy to eat a lot of), cantaloupe, peach, nectarine, honeydew melon, blackberries, plums, and blueberries. These fruits can be approached, but with care.

Strawberries have particularly low levels of sugar, but the real winner is the avocado, with less than 10% the sugar level of an apple and only 5% the sugar level of a grape. The avocado tends to be higher in fat, so take this into consideration.

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