Food strategies for seniors in home care.

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Food Restrictions, Limitations and Allergies

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Cholesterol control 2

Many commercial baked goods like cookies, cakes, and pies bring along too much fat. If you bake on your own, you will have greater control over fats as well as other nutrients like sugar.

With dairy products, choose low fat or fat-free alternatives. Serve most cheese products only occasionally. Use a non-fat creamer for coffee or tea if needed.

Use all animal products sparingly, in balance with vegetables and starches.

Opinions about eggs vary widely. An egg yolk has plenty of cholesterol, but little saturated fat. To be on the safe side, serve eggs either only a few times a week or make omelets using only the whites of the egg, which are entirely fat free.

Pasta and pizza are themselves all right, but watch what’s in the sauce. If buying a convenient frozen pizza, choose a reduced-fat variety.

Green salads themselves often have virtually no cholesterol. Be careful, though, since many bottled dressings are laden with both fats and excess sugars. If dining out at a salad bar, ask if they have low-fat dressings.

Consider all sauces and condiments fat danger areas. Read the nutritional labeling.

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