Food strategies for seniors in home care.

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Food Restrictions, Limitations and Allergies

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What is cholesterol?

You hear about cholesterol nearly every day: in the news, on “healthy” product packaging, in a wide range of advertising. Medical and research opinions differ widely about managing a person’s cholesterol, both as to the reason for doing it and the methods used. Many cholesterol management diets exist. One thing experts agree on is that high cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for both heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol is a natural waxy substance that exists in every human body.  It helps form the membranes in cells. Every cell in your body has cholesterol in it. It is also naturally in your bloodstream. The problem arises when too much cholesterol gets into the blood. Here it can clog the arteries that supply blood to your heart and to your brain. In combination with other substances, cholesterol can form plaque, which also blocks arteries.

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What is cholesterol?

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