Food strategies for seniors in home care.

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Food Restrictions, Limitations and Allergies

Dairy Products   Previous

Hidden dairy.

The dairy industry is large, well organized, and skilled at turning milk into food additives. If dairy is your issue, it is best to assume that nearly every processed food product contains it, unless the ingredient list tells you otherwise. This includes prepared soups and broths, artificial sweeteners, candy and mints, many forms of chocolate, energy bars, breakfast cereals, prepared meats (even hot dogs), butter substitutes, soy-based meat substitutes, snack foods, sauces, and instant potatoes.

You need to be particularly watchful when dealing with any dessert item, including all whipped toppings, despite the “non-dairy” labeling. Once again, do not forget to read the nutritional labeling on any baked product, sweet or savory.

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Hidden dairy